Your Unique Family Art

One of my secret pleasures is to walk into other people's houses and look at what kind of art they have on their walls.  Art says so much about a person or a family. With out saying a word, you know if they are traditionally classic, funky, fun or very serious.  This is probably because I am or was a painter and my eye is alwyas drawn to beauty, colour, drama or a story.

What I also like to see if photos of families, they let me know who lives there, who is important in this house and how do these people love, live and communicate. Yes! you can see all of these things from just a photograph!

I would like someone to walk into my house and marvel at my amazing artwork and then on closer inspection see's a family photograph!

I do this by spending some time with the family and figuring our what they do together. It doesn't have to be groundbreaking research or trekking the Himalayas, it could be as simple as cooking together or even watching TV. Our household loves to watch movies together, in-fact, every Friday night is movie night and I would love to capture that memory in a beautiful peace of art.

If you want that WOW factor in your home, contact me and let's discuss making art.

I asked my friend, Paula who is a chef, what she and her boys do together and without hesitation she said COOKING. So here are some images of her and her boys cooking.