media Profile Pack

for those who just want to test the waters


A big investment at this stage is…well, just too soon. You don’t know me, I don’t know you…yet. It get’s awkward if you realise that I don’t actually like yoga and secretly watch “Married at first sight”…please don’t tell anyone.

So let’s just get you out there with fresh, fun and authentic images.

$499 (all prices excl GST)

I am with you for up to an hour.

You can choose 15 images from a large unedited portfolio. I will edit these to make you look amazing.

I will even format your chosen images to whatever social media platform you use. You now will have images for your website, social media and printing!

Good on you, you are indeed awesome. And did I mention efficient!

This is perfect if you just need a few different headshots and some images of how you do your magic.


$25 for each extra edited image

$150 for a 1 month social media scheduling

This is what you do:

Profile starterpack_template.png
  1. Book a shoot with me by clicking the button below.

  2. I will contact you within 1 Business day to discuss your plans and to get to know your business.

  3. We will then meet on the day and time that you’ve specified and the rest is history…NO! The rest is your awesomeness!

  4. Afterwards I’ll go home and get busy culling most of the images and only keeping the ones that you look super cool in.

  5. You will get a drop box link and from there you can choose your 15 images.

  6. I will edit those babies and get them to you all shiny and new.

So what do you say?