Pregnancy Journey


Pregnancy Journey


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First it's deciding, trying, the waiting.

Then it's the test, the realisation, the excitement, the panic, the sharing, the apprehension and the excitement.

Then comes the deciding, buying, growing, crying, the hormones and advice.

The crying, the excitement, the midwife visits, the panic, the glowing, the growing, the senses, the growing, the talking, the excitement, the nesting, the waiting...

Then it's time.

The waiting, the support, the love, the excitement, the tiredness, the power, the pain, the love and then...push!

Then it's the the cry, the feet, the hands, the fingers, the toes, the smiles, the sucking, the warmth...the love

let this be more than a memory. Let me capture the journey with all the emotions

This beautiful package includes taking photos of:

  • Preparing the nursery, washing all the baby clothes etc.

  • Class of any kind (parent group or pregnancy exercise classes)

  • One doctor's visit

  • Monthly tummy shot

  • One extra moment of your choice

  • Maternity shoot

  • Hospital visit the day after the birth

  • Newborn shoot at your home with in the first two months of the birth.

  • Editing time

  • USB of all the images of your journey

( I do not attend the birth, but supply a camera for the support person to take tasteful photos of the birth. I will edit those images to fit in with the rest of the story)

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