Do you want to capture the tenderness, innocence and purity of this miracle that has changed you life?

Worrying that you will not remember those first moments?

Are you struggling to capture the rest of the family in those natural, uninhabited and tender moments with your new little person?


JvB Photography will do this and so much more.

Vaccinated against whooping cough I take your child and your well being very seriously.

I focus on the little bundle and get all the closeness and tenderness of the whole family.  I also capture those “messy” moments that you will forget in time and don’t seem that might not seem that important now.

You might not think that sitting in the chair you always feed Bub needs to be remembered. Those secret smiles on the change table you will remember forever you might think that the little sibling playing around on the bed is just a moment in time and there will be heaps more.

I will capture these moments for when you look back at your grown child and wonder where the years went.  Believe me, it goes fast!

How does it work;

I captured you in the comfort of your own home where siblings would be relaxed and happy YOU would be relaxed.  I can then concentrate on the interaction as a family, siblings, parents and Bub.

Once we have had a good play together jumping on the bed, changing nappies, feeding and the little bundle is all content we then focus on getting those pure, innocent photos of just your new little person.

What makes JvB Photography Unique

We have fun

  • We start with the fun family shoot, incorporating siblings and pets and any other person who want to be part of this moment.

  • Thru out the shoot I look for any moments that I see happening, feeding, nappy changing, secret smiles, grumpy toddler wanting food!

  • Once everyone is fed and content, I then focus on just the little person.

No shoot is the same

  • I aim to understand you as a unit and see how you interact with each other on a unique level to capture those secret smiles or eye rolling and tickles.

Flexible payment and packages options

  • Pay the sitting fee and choose you prints later

  • Pay for the whole disc of images

  • Get great combinations of disc and prints

Beautiful affordable photo books, movies and canvasses

  • Beautiful exceptional quality coffee table Photo books that will tell the story of your family.

  • Make a movie of your photos with original music from Brisbane Artist ,Eddie Petterson, to share with your family

  • Immaculate quality canvases from small to very large and many different formats

Capture moments in your own environment

  • I come to your home and capture you where you are most comfortable.

“That it will never come again, is what makes life so sweet” ― emily dickenson