Trying to get a family photograph, who portrays you as a family?

Do you want your family photo to not look dated, but rather be a memory?

Want to take the pain out of getting that naturally happy family photo?

JvB Photography takes away all the pain of a photoshoot. 

Have you ever had professional family photos taken and noticed how dated they look 10 years later? The kids look like they want to be somewhere else and frankly, so do you.

Sounds painful, but you want to capture your family because you adore them with all their...moments.  All you want is a nice family photo!

Then when you look at your own candid photos they don’t seem dated, they are just true memories of your life, your story. They seem real and alive and you look at them with so much love.

I want to give you a gift.

The story of your family as you are now. I capture you in your environment; at home, the beach, fishing, camping, having a picnic, doing the things you love.

The result?

That happy, uninhibited, carefree photo telling your story filled with natural laughter and smiles. These are the pictures where people stop, smile and remember; not that stiff family portrait on the wall.

What makes JvB Photography Unique

We have fun

  • the first 15 min we do the structured photos and then we just play

No shoot is the same

  • I aim to understand you as a unit and see how you interact with each other on a unique level to capture those secret smiles or eye rolling and tickles

Flexible payment and packages options

  • Pay the sitting fee and choose you prints later
  • Pay for the whole disc of  images
  • Get great combinations of disc and prints

Beautiful affordable photo books, movies and canvasses

  • Beautiful exceptional quality coffee table Photo books that  will tell the story of your family.
  • Make a movie of your photos with original music from Brisbane Artist ,Eddie Petterson, to share with your family 
  • Immaculate quality canvases from small to very large and many different formats

Capture moments in your own environment

  • Tailor where you want the photos taken to suit your family and portray who you really are.

“The goal in life is not to try and live forever, but to create something that will forever live in people’s hearts.” 

Karon Waddell