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Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand.
— Amy Jo Martin





What would you do with the time

if you could create your online

visual content in one day?


The last test taste, before it goes to bottling. Francois van Binsbergen, the owner, is involved in every aspect of the quality, look and feel of his products. Have a listen to what he says.

  • I know you are an expert at what you do, but it’s time to stop staring at your phone to get the perfect photo for today’s post.  Instead, enjoy that moment with the people you love and doing the stuff you love. Working together we can create three months of content in one day.

  • Your customers are sitting on the other side of a screen deciding to buy your product or services by going on your images. They need to “feel the experience” of having what you offer. So they rely on your photos to show them how this product will fit in and better their lives.

  • Real photos convert and stock photography and selfies just doesn’t do it anymore.

  • This will help you to connect with your audience, increase conversions, save  time and hassle doing it yourself, strengthen your brand.

  • My years of professional experience photographing real people has given me a toolbox full of techniques to use so you look your best. Even if you hate your own photo!

  • Your clients really and truly do want to see and hear from YOU, the real you. People do business with people they feel like they know and trust with the same concerns, desires and goals as they have.

  • Once I get to know your brand inside and out, I can translate your story into professional photographs that are authentically you and convert.

  • Your brand is like your child, you know them and know how they should be treated. You will have as much control over which images portray your brand as you would like.

  • Put your images to use ASAP with turnaround time in days instead of weeks.

Tom from Big Cheese Pedals talks about what he loves to do and why.

Personal Branding is not about pretending to be a perfect person. It’s being real to the world with your flaws and fortes
— Bernard Kelvin Clive

Hi, Jannine McFarlane here.

I studied fine arts, ballet and choreography all my life. Creativity is who I am an I see beauty in all things, even the ugly and boring bits.

I specialise in listening. I also specialise in interpreting what I’ve heard into photography and to portray your business and you how the world needs to see you.

Taking the pain away from constantly thinking about your social profile and getting the right feel out there is a pain I will ease.

I love to work with people who share my values of honesty, transparency, kindness and respect for themselves as well as all living beings.

I only work with a handful of clients, this way I know that I deliver the best.

Personal Branding is about building authority that gets people to pay attention to your message and want to share it and recommend it to others.
— Mark Traphagenof

there’s only 3 steps

What you need to know

What is the difference between Personal Brand photography and hiring a normal corporate photographer?

  • Photographers who don’t specialise in this area do not fully understand your business needs.

  • Your needs as an entrepreneur are very different than what a family needs.  These images are not made to be pretty and arty, they are made to convert!

  • What I offer is more strategic than a headshot. I create authentic images that build trust between you and your potential clients that help you grow an audience.

  • If you truly want to have a personal brand and grow that “know, like, and trust factor” with your potential clients, a headshot is not the way to do it.

  • It doesn’t show who you are and reflect your personality, and it won’t be nearly as effective as personal brand photography is.

Why is this more expensive than a normal corporate photographer?

  • You will get the commercial usage licence that is almost unlimited,

  • There is no need to credit me as a photographer. These images is not a representative of me and my art form. It is made to work for YOUR business.

  • You also will have complete editing rights on how you want your image to look. Often you need a lot of “white space” or you need a cut out. Totally your call.

  • Unlimited social media crops. This is particularly helpful as you need different formats for each social media platform.

  • You get up to a full day’s worth of shooting that can be staggered over a few days. I fit around your day.

I don’t need someone for the whole year, why do I need to be a recurring client for a year?

  • For most businesses they have staff changes, product launches, events, milestones, announcements or just a new hair cut!

  • These things are unpredictable or planned, but the fact remain that you need to document them with the same style and the same frequency.

  • By being an annual client, firstly you get a discount. You also get me on call for sudden “photography emergencies”.

  • But the most important thing is that I get to know you and your business and can really zone in on what message you need to convey.

  • It also takes the headache out of finding a suitable photographer that you can trust and know that you’ll get results. The sessions are planned in advance, so no need to stress about booking or planning shoots. I do all of this for you.

  • But if you feel that it’s too much of a commitment for you yet, I do have a one off package that I offer.

How much do you edit?

  • I am not a graphic designer or a fashion photographer.

  • We go through ALL the raw files together (with some of my suggestions).

  • Once you have chosen your images we discuss the formats you want them in as well as any light editing. By this I mean, smooth skin, take blemishes away. Look for distracting objects and colour correct. For any cut outs, graphics or text, you would need someone who is an expert in that.

  • I aim to take the photo as close to perfect on camera. I also discuss body issues with you in order to make you look great!

Brand the real you. Be brutally, authentically, honestly you and you will win with the people that matter.
— Tom Ferry

3 Pricing packages

Remember that your reputation is everything. You build your personal brand through everything you do, whether big actions or small decisions, and that brand will stay with you throughout your career.
— Jan Fields

Profile starter pack…


Includes a portfolio of draft images to choose from and 15 edited images of your choice.

Your personal brand is a promise to your clients... a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability
— Jason Hartman

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let’s make these things happen:

  • You save time. You need someone who is can capture the spirit of your brand fast.

  • You can focus on the moment and not on the photo.

  • Scheduled your photography for the whole year. Yes, another job done!

  • Have a consistent style and brand.

  • I will make you look good in photos, every time.

  • Build a relationship through things that you’ve got in common with your clients.

  • Have a large bank of brand appropriate images ready to go each day for any purpose.

  • You'll discover that magic is real and time travel is easy!

Without the right images you don’t have a business.

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